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    Founded  April 2008 by Bob Cleary as a Media, Services and Entertainment Company. With focus on Independent Films, Television Series and Documentaries. Future goals on formulating release strategies, to bring a maximum effort toward many new media distribution platforms. We have created a service division to help other production companies.  We are providing sources for equipment, personnel, graphic designers, distribution, marketing of packaged media and digital entertainment.                                        Presently producing and distribution of  low budget films. With main stream and different  genres. The first endeavour is a comedy parody of Alfred Hitchcock movies "MacGuffin", a scavenger hunt with each clue representing scenes from the master’s classics but with a twist. The next is a different family oriented zombie movie. A battle between the living and walking dead to be decided by a special group of people "The Soulless". We are presently starting the first stages of a unique movie "Trailer Heaven". LionHeart LLC is led by Bob Cleary as Chief Executive Officer. His goal is to grow from a small independent studio to a broader diversified content creator and distributor. Bob is a 40 year veteran of Community Theater, acting and directing. Since 2008 has been a producer, screenwriter and actor in films, commercials and webisodes. Dual careers since 1985 when he started Clear Telecommunications Inc.. A diversified telecommunications company. Selling, installing and maintaining business telephone systems starting from analogue to digital (VOIP & SIP) and voice mail. Growing to over 3000 customers, businesses small and large, municipal, government, schools and more. The business was sold in April 2004 and Bob Cleary dedicated his full time to entertainment.  
Bob Cleary